Learn to build Cloud Native Java Applications with Quarkus

Date : 26/MARCH/2020 Time : 11:15

Java assumed the whole computer belonged to itself, that it could consume all the available memory and CPU. In this workshop we will see the problems associated with using Java for “microservices”, and how the open source ecosystem is working to insure the future of Java by being cloud first, container native, serverless focused and Kubernetes optimized. This is where GraalVM meets Quarkus, bringing server-side and enterprise-capable Java to enable you to build truly cloud native apps.

This lab offers attendees an intro-level, hands-on session with Quarkus, from the first line of code to making services, to consuming them, and finally to assembling everything in a consistent system. But, what are we going to build? Well, it’s going to be a set of microservices (we want to be trendy):

using Quarkus

using HTTP and events (Kafka)

with some parts of the dark side of microservices (monitoring (Prometheus), resilience)

answer the ultimate question: are super heroes stronger than super villains?

This workshop is a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) session, so bring your Windows, OSX, or Linux laptop. You need JDK 8+ on your machine, Apache Maven (3.6+), and Docker. On Windows, some parts may be qualified as experimental.


Gytis Trikleris

Gytis Trikleris

Aurea Muñoz

Aurea Muñoz