Functional testing with Karate

Date : 27/MARCH/2020 Time : 16:15

Test your code as Daniel-san will do.

When somebody start to speak about testing and "PUFF" or "ya otro día.." is your first reaction? Or is it the task that has always motivated you the most? Whatever your option is, our Karate club is opened in order for you to start the path to black belt.

We are going to talk about the importance of functional testing, about how we understand it at Clarity and the challenges that we have faced. We will focus on Karate ( as framework to develop tests, its pros and cons, we will do some examples and finally we will discuss lessons learned during one year making use of it in our tech team.

Let's make a secret deal. I promise to teach karate, you promise to learn. I tell, you perform, no questions." - Mr. Miyagi


Adrián Casado Rivas

Adrián Casado Rivas