6 signs you have no clue about modern Java

Date : 27/MARCH/2020 Time : 11:00

There's a strong feeling that people don't upgrade their Java version because they are scared of what's going on with newer Java releases, especially after that moment when the release cadence has changed. So many OpenJDK projects have an open target, which makes people feel like there's nothing happening with them because delivery time takes years, and so on. It feels like you are one of those developers, team leaders, managers who stuck with older versions of Java for certain reasons. And only things you have heard about modern Java that are freighting you so much? Let me ask you a few questions:

  • How good you know modern Java?
  • How good you know modern Java features?
  • Aren’t you afraid of it yet?

If you are one of those then this talk is for you (and your manager). In this talk. I’d like to talk 6 signs that you have no idea of what’s going on with modern Java:

  • Java modules, no thank you;
  • Java is not good for the cloud;
  • JavaFX is dead;
  • OpenJDK projects (Valhalla, Loom, Panama) are cool, but no visual progress so far;
  • Java is not evolving; - GraalVM will replace Java HotSpot VM


Denys Makogon

Denys Makogon